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Our Story

Image illustrating August 2, 1889

August 2, 1889

First National Bank of Cameron Chartered

First National Bank was one of the first banks in the state to be granted a National Charter (Monty Humble, "A History of Banks in Cameron". The Texas Historian, September 1970, p. 8).

Image illustrating August 22, 1889

August 22, 1889

FNB of Cameron Opens Doors

John M. Hefley invested the $50,000 needed for capital for the bank. The first meeting of the Board of Directors held on this day, John M. Hefley was elected President; R.H. Sellers, Vice President; C.P. Dodge, cashier; and T. F. Hardy, assistant cashier (Humble, p. 8) John M. Hefley served as President, Director and stockholder of the First National Bank in Cameron until death on December 20, 1903 (Williams, First National Bank in Cameron, p.3).

Image illustrating 1890


First Bank Building

After its first year of business, The First National Bank of Cameron conducted business in a two story brick building at the corner of First and Houston Streets where the present building now stands (Humble, p. 8).

Image illustrating 1904-1912


Bank Presidents

T.F. Hardy served as President from 1904 to 1905. J.N. Bradshaw served from 1905-1909. A.J. Dossett served until April 6, 1912, when A.N. Green was added to the board of directors and elected president.

Image illustrating March 3, 1921

March 3, 1921

New Bank Building

The new $75,000 home of the First National Bank of Cameron was modern in every particular as well as fire proof. The inside of the bank held a vault purchased for $4000 from the Mosler Safe Company in Hamilton, Ohio. The door weighed 22,000 pounds and was 11 1/2 inches thick. Its steel and cement walls were 22 inches thick and lined with half-inch sheets of manganese steel. This vault is still in use today.

Image illustrating 1921 - Vault Installed


Vault Installed

Lester and Beatrice Williams pictured in front of the bank vault (purchased from Mosler Safe Company of Hamilton, Ohio) that was installed in 1921.

Image illustrating January 3, 1928

January 3, 1928

Ben Arnold State Bank Acquisition

In the late 1920's with the winds of Depression in the air, many small-town banks began to fold or be absorbed by banks in larger communities. Ben Arnold State Bank on January 3, 1928 had total resources of $154,387.51 and was merged with First National Bank of Cameron. Ben Arnold State Bank; President: A.N. Green, Cashier: H.L. Gunn, Capital $10,000, Surplus $6,500, Total Resources: $154,387. In 1918 there were 907 State Banks in Texas with total resources of $288,990,273.

Image illustrating 1929-1931


Bank Presidents

S.W. Cheeves replaced Mr. Green and served until his death in 1931. R. H. McIntosh then acquired bank stock and served until 1933. Henry M. Hefley, the nephew of founder John M. Hefley became president in 1933 and served until his death in 1945. When he became cashier in 1904, Henry Hefley was the youngest cashier in the state.

Image illustrating December 17, 1931

December 17, 1931

Acquired Cameron State Bank

Image illustrating July 15, 1933

July 15, 1933

Bank Officially Re-chartered with New Name

The First National Bank in Cameron

Image illustrating August 29, 1933

August 29, 1933

2nd Bank Charter

After the new Banking Acts were passed in 1932 by the federal government, The First National Bank of Cameron recapitalized and applied for a new bank charter. The Bank Board of Directors, officers and staff all remained the same. Bank operations continued in the same building, for the same customers. Effectively when the Bank Holiday declared by President Roosevelt, to access the health of the country's bank was over, First National Bank in Cameron remained open for business.

Image illustrating January 1946

January 1946

Lester Williams Named President

A returned WWII veteran, Mr. Williams served as President until 1975.

Image illustrating 1955 and 1969

1955 and 1969

Bank Remodel

In 1955, ceilings were lowered and 1921 Bonnie and Clyde type teller cages were removed. In 1969, the outside of the two-story building was reworked closing off all second story windows. A new two story addition was completed on the west side and a two lane drive-thru bank was added. 2900 square feet of office space was added, a community conference room and the lobby were also remodeled with walnut paneling, windows and customer safe deposit booths.

Image illustrating 1975


Richard E. Williams Named President

Richard E. Williams served as President until his death in 1986. Ernest Moore served as president until 1998.

Image illustrating 1983


Another Bank Remodel and Addition

Added North wing of current building.

Image illustrating 1985


Bank ATM

First National Bank added its first ATM machine and issued ATM cards to all of its customers.

Image illustrating 1989


100th Anniversary

The banks 100th Anniversary was celebrated in August 1989. Pictured are honored guest Senator Phil Gramm, State Representative Milton Schiller, President Ernest Moore and Chairman of the Board Lester Williams. Gramm was presented with a key to the City of Cameron or was it a key to the vault?

Image illustrating 1992 and 1993

1992 and 1993

Branch Acquisitions

We aquired two Rosebud Banks, The Planters National Bank of Rosebud, Texas on February 25, 1993 and First Consolidated Bank, N.A. Merchants on July 8, 1992.

Image illustrating 1995


Branch Acquisitions

We acquired Lee County National Bank in Giddings on June 30, 1995.

Image illustrating 1998


Richard E. Williams, Jr. Named President

In March of 1998, Richard E. Williams, Jr. became President of First National Bank in Cameron to succeed Ernest Moore. He served as President until March 21, 2018 when John David Minor took over as President. Today Mr. Williams is Chief Executive Officer of Classic Bank.

Image illustrating 2003


Branch Openings

We opened a banking facility in Rockdale, TX on March 10, 2003.

Image illustrating November 1, 2007

November 1, 2007

Bank Name Change

On November 1, 2007 First National Bank in Cameron became Classic Bank, N.A. This was a name change, not a sale or merger. The same shareholders, Directors, Officers, staff, facilities, products and services are on board to serve our customers as when we were First National Bank in Cameron.

Image illustrating 2008 and 2009

2008 and 2009

Branch Openings

A Loan Processing Office was opened in Bastrop, TX on December 1, 2008 and it became a branch office on June 9, 2009.

Image illustrating December, 2011

December, 2011

Liberty Hill, Texas

In December of 2011, Classic Bank acquired the Liberty Hill, Texas branch of Texas Savings Bank, S.S.B., Synder, Texas. Classic Bank is looking forward to and very excited about serving our many new customers in Liberty Hill and Williamson County, Texas.

Image illustrating March 2018

March 2018

John D. Minor Named President

Richard E. Williams, Jr. served as President until March 21, 2018 when John David Minor took over as President.

Image illustrating March 1, 2023

March 1, 2023

Thorndale, Texas
On March 1, 2023, Classic Bank officially opened its doors to its seventh location in Thorndale, Texas.