Why would I want Business Internet Banking rather than Consumer Internet Banking?

You will need Business Internet Banking if you plan on doing any of the following: 

  • External transfers 
  • Initiate ACHs 
  • Frequent wire transfers 
  • Connect to Quickbooks 
  • Adding additional users to the Internet Banking 

How do I sign up for Business Internet Banking?

To sign up for Business Internet Banking, please contact a representative at your local branch or call our main office and ask to speak with someone in the Treasury Management Department. There will be agreements to sign that can be sent through DocuSign. After the paperwork has gone through the approvals process, we will email you your login credentials. 

Is Zelle a service offered through Business Internet Banking?

No, Zelle is not a service we currently offer to any of our business customers even those who sign in through the Personal Internet Banking. 

How do I connect my Quickbooks account to my Business Internet Banking?

Business Internet Banking is the only internet banking that we offer that is compatible with Quickbooks. To connect your Quickbooks account to your Business Internet Banking account, you will log into Quickbooks and add your account by selecting the Classic Bank, N.A. Business option. From there, you will type in your login credentials that include your Company ID, User ID, and password. 

How do I log into my Business Internet Banking on my mobile device?

To log into your Business Internet Banking on your mobile device, please download the Classic Bank Business Mobile app from your device’s app store and log in from there. Please note, if this is your first time logging in to your Business Internet Banking, you must do so through a web browser. 

If you need to change your password to Business Internet Banking, please do so through a web browser, not the Classic Bank Business Mobile app. 

Can I still do all the normal functions of internet banking with Business Internet Banking?

Yes, you will still have access to all the normal functions of internet banking with Business Internet Banking: viewing statements, account balances and transactions, making internal transfers, mobile deposits, and access to Bill Pay. 

Do I have to sign up for Business Internet Banking since I have a business account?

No, you do not need to sign up for Business Internet Banking for just having a business account. You will only need to sign up if you need access to the additional services that we offer listed above. 

Why are there unfamiliar phone numbers given to send my security code to when I try to log into my Business Internet Banking?

If the system is giving you unfamiliar numbers as options to send a security code to, this usually means you have either typed in your Company ID or User ID incorrectly or you may have made the mistake of trying to login under Personal. Please double check your credentials and that you are logging in under Business. If you need further assistance, call us at 254-697-6461.