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Visa® Debit Card 

Our free Visa debit card is available with all checking accounts. You can use it to make purchases around the world and online — or you can withdraw cash at any of our convenient ATMs. 

  • Use anywhere Visa is accepted
  • No transaction fees or rates to pay
  • Draws from your checking account
  • Security of a Personal Identification Number (PIN) 

If you are planning to travel outside the United States, please notify us before your trip so that we can ensure your accounts are available for foreign transactions.


EMV Protection 

Your Classic Bank Visa® debit card has an embedded chip that generates a unique, single-use code to validate transactions made at chip-enabled registers — further protecting your card from unauthorized use. Your chip-enabled card is also known as a "smart card" or an "EMV card."

If a merchant is not enabled for chip payments, your chip-enabled Classic Bank Visa debit card can still be used by swiping the magnetic stripe.

Using your chip-enabled Classic Bank Visa debit card is easy:

  1. Insert the chip end of your Classic Bank Visa debit card into the terminal with the chip facing up
  2. Keep your card in the terminal and follow the prompts on the screen
  3. Remove your card when prompted and take your receipt. Keep in mind, you may need to sign for your purchase.

EMV Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Why does my Classic Bank Visa debit card now include a chip?

A: The U.S. is shifting to chip-enabled cards used at chip readers because chip technology has proven successful in reducing fraud in over 130 countries around the world. It's already the standard in Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia -- and will soon be the standard in the U.S. The embedded chip in your Classic Bank Visa debit card protects your card information by generating a unique transaction code each time you use your card at a chip-enabled register.

Q: Will this new chip-enabled Classic Bank Visa debit card change my account? 

A: No. Your new card has simply been updated to provide you with enhanced security. There are no changes to your existing account terms and conditions. 

Q: Will this change how I make purchases at chip-enabled registers?

A: If the register is chip-enabled, you will see a small change in how you process your transaction. You will be prompted to insert your card into the machine "known as dipping", and your card will remain in the terminal until the transaction has completed. You will be prompted to remove your card when the transaction is complete.

Q: What if the merchant does not accept chip cards?

A: Your chip-enabled Classic Bank Visa debit card is also equipped with a magnetic stripe that allows you to use your card anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted. You will be able to swipe your card on a traditional card reader. 

Q: Can I still use my old Classic Bank Visa debit card?

A: No. Your new chip-enabled Classic Bank Visa debit card replaces your existing card. To properly dispose of your old card, you should shred it or cut it up. 

Q: How will I conduct internet or telephone transactions with my chip-enabled card? 

A: You will conduct these transactions just as you do today.

Q: Will this impact my prescheduled payments or online billing?

A: You will need to contact these merchants and provide them with your card number, expiration date and 3-digit security number for your new card. 

Q: Will I still use the same PIN for chip-enabled transactions that I do for ATM transactions? 

A: Yes, you will use the same PIN for Point of Sale (POS) and ATM transactions just as you do today. 

Q: Are there any additional fees for using my Classic Bank Visa debit card?

A: No, there are not an additional costs associated with using your new chip-enabled card. However, the same replacement card fee applies for requested replacement cards. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for more details. 

Q: Do I still need to sign the back of my card?

A: Yes, you still need to sign the back of your Classic Bank Visa debit card for security purposes. 

Q: What number do I call if my card is lost or stolen? 

A: You will contact the 1-800-236-2442. This phone number is also located on the back of your new Classic Bank Visa debit card.


24-Hour Bank-By-Phone Service 

We are pleased to provide Classic Bank 24-Hour Bank-By-Phone Service at no charge. Customers can check account balances, transfer funds, or make loan payments via a touch-tone telephone. Information is available in English and Spanish. Call 866.421.2289 for additional assistance.

Safe Deposit Boxes 

Our convenient safe deposit boxes help protect your valuables. Size and availability vary by location. Contact us for details.* 

Safe Deposit Box Sizes and Pricing 

  • 3x5 ­– $18.00
  • 4x5 – $18.00
  • 5x5 – $23.00
  • 3x10 – $28.00
  • 4x10 – $28.00
  • 5x10 – $33.00
  • 10x10 – $48.00 

Wire Transfers 

If you need to get the money there quickly and easily, wire it. Wire transfer services are available to Classic Bank customers and are subject to certain fees and conditions.

Cashier’s Checks & Money Orders 

When personal checks or cash are not accepted, use a Money Order or a Cashier's Check as a payment instrument. You can use a Money Order or Cashier's check to make purchases, pay bills, and more.

*Contents of safe Deposit Boxes are not insured or guaranteed by the bank, the FDIC, or by any other government agency.

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